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Meet Pete Serrano: A Dedicated Community Leader with a Heart for Public Service

Pete’s story begins with a deep-rooted commitment to service, inspired by his parents – a devoted teacher and a dedicated police officer. Pete’s sense of community service has been the guiding light in his journey.

When Pete moved to Washington in 2015, along with his loving wife PJ, who was expecting at the time, and their adorable 1-year-old daughter Sofia, he brought with him a mission to serve. 

His role as an environmental lawyer at the United States Department of Energy at Hanford was more than a job; it was a calling. Pete dove headfirst into significant projects, including transforming over 1500 acres of government land into a thriving solar farm and working with the DOE team to ensure a safe and effective cleanup of the Hanford Site.

The Serrano family, now including Sofia, Lillian, and Massimo, quickly found a home in Pasco’s heart. Their dedication to Washington’s well-being led to the establishment of the Silent Majority Foundation, a testament to their commitment to community betterment.

Pete’s journey continued as he was elected to the Pasco city council in 2018. His focus: Making Pasco a haven of safety, inclusivity, and transparency. 

His long standing passion for transparent governance is a fire that was kindled back in law school. From challenging the government on illegal laws to advocating for open government, Pete stands for government transparency and accountability.

In Pete, you see a leader who’s not just talking about change but actively making it happen. His dedication to protecting your rights from government overreach is unwavering. 

With Pete, Washington State isn’t just a place on the map; it’s his home, a home where every voice matters, where every action is taken with his neighbors’ best interest at heart.

Join Pete in his journey of service and commitment to the State of Washington. Together, let’s build a brighter, safer, cleaner future for Washington!