A Green Vision for Washington: Balancing Environmental Preservation with Energy Innovation

Pete’s journey as a champion of the environment began early in his career, deeply rooted in his passion for environmental law. Graduating with a law degree and a certificate in environmental law in 2009, Pete’s commitment to preserving our natural world was clear from the start. His pursuit of environmental stewardship took him to Vermont, where he further honed his expertise with a Legal Master’s degree (LLM) in environmental law and contributed significantly to the Vermont Department of Natural Resources.

In Vermont, Pete made a lasting impact by drafting and lobbying legislation to regulate junk yards, which was a critical step in keeping the Green Mountain State pristine. This experience solidified his understanding of the delicate balance between environmental conservation and effective regulation.

Throughout his career, Pete has been at the forefront of pioneering projects that epitomize the harmony between environmental preservation and energy advancement. His involvement in the development of a biofuels terminal in Stockton, CA, and the permitting of next-generation small modular nuclear technology, reflects his vision for a cleaner, sustainable energy future. These projects aren’t just about innovation; they’re about creating a legacy of clean energy for future generations.

As Washington’s Attorney General, Pete’s goal is clear: continue this trajectory of environmental stewardship while embracing and promoting clean, efficient energy solutions. He understands that protecting our planet goes hand-in-hand with advancing our energy infrastructure, ensuring a greener, more sustainable Washington.
Join Pete in his quest to create a Washington where the beauty of our environment is preserved, and the future of energy is secure and sustainable. Together, we can build a future that respects our planet and powers our world.