Championing Government Accountability and Transparency for Washington

In an era where trust in government is paramount, Pete’s core goal is to fight for government accountability and transparency. He firmly believes that the government should not operate in secrecy or impose its will on the people without clear communication and justification. Pete’s commitment as Attorney General is to ensure that the office operates with complete openness, fostering a relationship of trust and clarity with the citizens of Washington.

Pete’s vision for the Attorney General’s office is one where the public is informed of the office’s actions and decisions. He advocates for a government that actively communicates its actions and their rationales and invites public participation. This approach aligns with the Republican ethos of limited government intervention, emphasizing that the government’s role is to facilitate, not control.

As Attorney General, Pete will prioritize initiatives to enhance transparency in government workings. He understands that an informed citizenry is the bedrock of a functioning democracy and that transparency is key to maintaining the public’s trust and confidence in their government.

By ensuring open channels of communication and making governmental processes more accessible to the public, Pete aims to restore faith in the state’s institutions, including the Office of Attorney General. Pete’s leadership as Attorney General will reflect a steadfast commitment to open and transparent government, which is crucial for the prosperity and well-being of Washington State.