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A Vision for Washington: Championing Justice and Community Safety

A Green Vision for Washington: Balancing Environmental Preservation with Energy Innovation

Protecting the Family and Stopping Human Trafficking in Washington State

Responsible Firearm Ownership and Addressing Crime Trends in Washington State

Championing Government Accountability and Transparency for Washington

A Green Vision for Washington: Balancing Environmental Preservation with Energy Innovation

Pete's journey as a champion of the environment began early in his career, deeply rooted in his passion for environmental law. Graduating with a law degree and a certificate in environmental law in 2009, Pete's commitment to preserving our natural world was clear from the start. His pursuit of environmental stewardship took him to Vermont, where he further honed his expertise with a Legal Master’s degree (LLM) in environmental law and contributed significantly to the Vermont Department of Natural Resources.

In Vermont, Pete made a lasting impact by drafting and lobbying legislation to regulate junk yards, which was a critical step in keeping the Green Mountain State pristine. This experience solidified his understanding of the delicate balance between environmental conservation and effective regulation.

Throughout his career, Pete has been at the forefront of pioneering projects that epitomize the harmony between environmental preservation and energy advancement. His involvement in the development of a biofuels terminal in Stockton, CA, and the permitting of next-generation small modular nuclear technology, reflects his vision for a cleaner, sustainable energy future. These projects aren't just about innovation; they're about creating a legacy of clean energy for future generations.

As Washington's Attorney General, Pete's goal is clear: continue this trajectory of environmental stewardship while embracing and promoting clean, efficient energy solutions. He understands that protecting our planet goes hand-in-hand with advancing our energy infrastructure, ensuring a greener, more sustainable Washington.
Join Pete in his quest to create a Washington where the beauty of our environment is preserved, and the future of energy is secure and sustainable. Together, we can build a future that respects our planet and powers our world.

Protecting the Family and Stopping Human Trafficking in Washington State

The family unit is the cornerstone of Washington's success and prosperity. Recognizing this, Pete, as a candidate for Washington State Attorney General, places utmost importance on protecting families and, particularly, safeguarding children from the dangers of human trafficking. Washington deserves a leader who is not only aware of the complex nature of this crime but also possesses the determination and expertise to effectively combat it.

The alarming statistics underscore the urgency of this issue in Washington. In 2020, the state reported serving 1,106 victims of human trafficking, including 819 victims of sex trafficking. These figures highlight the pervasive nature of this crime within our communities. Moreover, Washington's unique geographical features, such as its international border with Canada and numerous ports, make it a prime location for traffickers.

Pete's approach to combating human trafficking is comprehensive. He is committed to working collaboratively with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies to develop and implement strategies that specifically target human traffickers. His goal is to create an environment where traffickers fear the consequences of their actions and where the safety and rights of victims are prioritized.

Central to Pete's plan is the strengthening of partnerships with victim advocates and survivors. By listening to their experiences and insights, Pete aims to develop more effective methods of intervention and support. This includes increasing awareness of human trafficking signs, providing better resources for survivors, and ensuring law enforcement officers are trained to handle these sensitive situations with the care and urgency they require.

In his role as Attorney General, Pete pledges to put human traffickers behind bars and rescue underage victims from these heinous crimes. His dedication to keeping Washington's families safe is unwavering. He understands that the fight against human trafficking is not just about law enforcement; it's about preserving the integrity of the family unit and ensuring a safe and secure environment for all children in Washington.

Under Pete's leadership, Washington will see a renewed and vigorous effort to eradicate human trafficking, ensuring a safer future for families across the state.

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Responsible Firearm Ownership and Addressing Crime Trends in Washington State

In the context of Washington State's evolving legislative landscape on firearms and crime, Pete's advocacy for firearms safety and constitutional rights is crucial. His approach recognizes the importance of lawful firearm access for citizens, particularly in light of the changes in policing and crime laws.

Washington State has witnessed significant changes in its crime rates in recent years. The state's violent crime rate has nearly reached the national average, with an increase from 293.7 per 100,000 people in 2020 to 375.6 in 2022. The number of murders in the state also hit a record high of 394 in 2022. This rise in crime coincides with a decline in law enforcement staffing, with Washington ranking 51st in the nation for law enforcement staffing per capita as of 2022.

Pete's position is that, with the continued legislation by Senator Dhingra to limit police enforcement and decriminalize certain crimes, there is a growing need for Washingtonians to have the means to protect themselves and their families. His advocacy is for constitutional, rational firearm regulations that respect the rights of law-abiding citizens while ensuring public safety.

Pete, as a candidate for Attorney General, commits to working closely with communities, law enforcement, and policymakers to address the rising crime rates and ensure responsible firearm ownership. His vision includes upholding the constitution while fostering a safe environment for Washingtonians.

Pete's stance on firearm safety and crime trends in Washington State is grounded in a comprehensive understanding of the state's legislative changes, crime rates, and public safety needs. His advocacy for responsible firearm ownership and effective crime prevention strategies is aimed at ensuring the safety and well-being of all Washingtonians.

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Championing Government Accountability and Transparency for Washington

In an era where trust in government is paramount, Pete’s core goal is to fight for government accountability and transparency. He firmly believes that the government should not operate in secrecy or impose its will on the people without clear communication and justification. Pete's commitment as Attorney General is to ensure that the office operates with complete openness, fostering a relationship of trust and clarity with the citizens of Washington.

Pete's vision for the Attorney General’s office is one where the public is informed of the office’s actions and decisions. He advocates for a government that actively communicates its actions and their rationales and invites public participation. This approach aligns with the Republican ethos of limited government intervention, emphasizing that the government's role is to facilitate, not control.

As Attorney General, Pete will prioritize initiatives to enhance transparency in government workings. He understands that an informed citizenry is the bedrock of a functioning democracy and that transparency is key to maintaining the public’s trust and confidence in their government.

By ensuring open channels of communication and making governmental processes more accessible to the public, Pete aims to restore faith in the state's institutions, including the Office of Attorney General. Pete’s leadership as Attorney General will reflect a steadfast commitment to open and transparent government, which is crucial for the prosperity and well-being of Washington State.