Protecting the Family and Stopping Human Trafficking in Washington State

The family unit is the cornerstone of Washington’s success and prosperity. Recognizing this, Pete, as a candidate for Washington State Attorney General, places utmost importance on protecting families and, particularly, safeguarding children from the dangers of human trafficking. Washington deserves a leader who is not only aware of the complex nature of this crime but also possesses the determination and expertise to effectively combat it.

The alarming statistics underscore the urgency of this issue in Washington. In 2020, the state reported serving 1,106 victims of human trafficking, including 819 victims of sex trafficking. These figures highlight the pervasive nature of this crime within our communities. Moreover, Washington’s unique geographical features, such as its international border with Canada and numerous ports, make it a prime location for traffickers.

Pete’s approach to combating human trafficking is comprehensive. He is committed to working collaboratively with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies to develop and implement strategies that specifically target human traffickers. His goal is to create an environment where traffickers fear the consequences of their actions and where the safety and rights of victims are prioritized.

Central to Pete’s plan is the strengthening of partnerships with victim advocates and survivors. By listening to their experiences and insights, Pete aims to develop more effective methods of intervention and support. This includes increasing awareness of human trafficking signs, providing better resources for survivors, and ensuring law enforcement officers are trained to handle these sensitive situations with the care and urgency they require.

In his role as Attorney General, Pete pledges to put human traffickers behind bars and rescue underage victims from these heinous crimes. His dedication to keeping Washington’s families safe is unwavering. He understands that the fight against human trafficking is not just about law enforcement; it’s about preserving the integrity of the family unit and ensuring a safe and secure environment for all children in Washington.

Under Pete’s leadership, Washington will see a renewed and vigorous effort to eradicate human trafficking, ensuring a safer future for families across the state.

(Sources: Washington State Department of Commerce, Human Trafficking Institute, Washington State Office of the Attorney General)