A Vision for Washington:
Championing Justice and Community Safety

As Pete sets his sights on the role of Washington’s Attorney General, his track record in Pasco shines as a beacon of his commitment and capability. His journey from city council member to a state-wide leader reflects a deep-seated dedication to justice, community safety, and effective governance.

One of Pete’s most significant accomplishments is his instrumental role in Pasco’s adoption of the national opioid settlement agreement. This strategic move has funneled essential funding into Pasco for drug abuse treatment, showcasing Pete’s ability to bring meaningful resources to tackle pressing issues. His advocacy and swift action demonstrate a readiness to confront challenges head-on, ensuring that Washington communities have the support they need.

In the wake of legislative changes affecting law enforcement practices, Pete has been a steadfast advocate for a balanced approach. His vision extends beyond Pasco, advocating for a Washington where law enforcement is compassionate and competent and has the resources and ability to safely do its job. Pete understands the intricacies of public safety, emphasizing the need for well-equipped, well-trained officers to ensure peace and security across the state, which is one reason he’s proud to have been a part of the team that brought the Basic Law Enforcement Academy training center to Pasco.

As Attorney General, Pete’s priorities are clear: fostering a safe environment for every Washington resident, addressing the State’s drug crisis with sustainable solutions, and upholding the rule of law with integrity and fairness. His leadership style combines a pragmatic approach with a deep understanding of the state’s diverse needs.

Join Pete in his journey to reshape Washington into a state where justice prevails, communities thrive, and safety is a right for all. Together, we can build a stronger, more just Washington.